A place where your heart sings, inspired thoughts occur and your world takes on new meaning.  Come join Claudia and Bill Parkhurst and experience life on a north Florida Morgan Horse farm complete with ponds teeming with fish, ducks and geese and a passel of friendly dogs.  Walk through the beautiful countryside surrounded by hundreds of Morgan, Paso Fino and Thoroughbred horses.    Meet with friends and associates and revitalize your mission in life.  Watch some horse training.  Learn to communicate with your heart as well as your mind.

   Forever Spring is a rural paradise where nature provides the special magic that encourages a new way of thinking and feeling.  Just the right blend of elegance and natural beauty that invariably encourages people to reach a new level of inspired thought.


   Claudia remembers:  Bill and I first stepped on the land of Forever Spring in 1990 and we both felt a calming of the soul, a touch of wonder and a glimpse of bliss.   Over the years visitors, friends, family members and strangers have shared that Forever Spring has touched their souls in many ways.  Some have abandoned lucrative careers to follow their dreams, others have left with peace of mind even though they were dealing with terminal diseases, some found sobriety after many years of addiction, father's and sons healed estranged relationships, married couples fell in love all over again, executives collaborated in harmony.  They all felt a calming of the soul, a touch of wonder and a glimpse of bliss: qualities in their lives that often were lost in the day- to- day struggle of surviving.

   In natural progression Forever Spring evolved from a horse farm into a sanctuary. 
Morgan horses quietly graze on the 50 acres of verdant rolling pastures framed by ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss.
Dogs of assorted sizes and colors laze about on the porches. Ducks and geese glide over the picturesque ponds. A hammock sways in the breeze. A wild turkey struts across the field. A deer leaps effortlessly over the fence. An owl hoots. Forever Spring offers the simple life: time to reconnect with nature, with your soul's purpose, with your dreams.
Forever Spring
15000 W Hwy 318 Williston, FL 32696
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